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SEX/LIFE Netflix – Double Standard of Female Nature EXPOSED

Updated: Jun 8

Okay, let's see, back in the office and in this video, this was actually a member requested topic or comment that I got on one of my previous videos. And the previous video that I had was related to, you know, the things that are a massive turnoff to women and somebody commented and they said, Hey, Casey, I want you to review this Netflix series called sex life. Okay, sex life, to give you a brief once over on it, give us what your take is on it and actually go into detail what it is that you think is the point of this show and why you think this is so prevalent right now in culture. And this is a topic I want to actually elaborate for a good 10 maybe 15 minutes on. Now you're going to notice something.

This is not a whiteboard presentation topic. This is not necessarily me, going into the great depths of female nature. But what this is going to be is this is going to be me asking you a series of questions actually gets you to think for yourself, not only what is going on, but what is becoming socially acceptable when it comes to dating, female dynamic male to female dynamic dating and just overall nature in general.

Let's actually dive in what if you have not seen the show? If you have not heard of the show? What is it about? This is about a woman who has her pick of the litter when it comes to men, okay, she's a woman who is married and over here on this side of the hypergamy filter. What she has a she has the loving is a quote unquote beta male provider. She has the guy who pays the bills, she has the guy who is loyal. She has the guy who is there for her and the fact of the matter is she can't get over her past previous lover. Can her past previous lover is a guy who had the quick thrill the fast sex right? made her made her wildest fantasies come true. Okay, this is like a 50 Shades of Grey type movie. What I want you to think of as you watch this video today is I want you to really ask yourself, why are shows like this becoming acceptable? Right? Because if you look today versus 1015 years ago, shows like that didn't exist. And what I'm also going to be tying this video into today is the necessity of becoming full stack and why you essentially do have to have all sides of the puzzle figured out, especially in today's market if you want to keep or maintain a woman or keeper maintain a relationship, or does have an abundance of options, so that way you're not left in the dust cap.

Here's the facts. A small minute number of men right now are sleeping with her getting with majority of the women. And the reason being is because only a select number of men today have figured it out. Most guys are clueless when it comes to game most guys are clueless when it comes to how to actually level up. And most guys are totally clueless when it comes to which side of the coin they choose to be playing on. Now. Notice what is socially acceptable for this woman, what's socially acceptable for this one, if she can find a way to have her most deepest desire to s3 actual fantasies come to the forefront. And yet she can still have the security of the provisioning, without any repercussions total. Now I'd like you to flip the script on this for a second. let's reverse this. And let's say that it was a man in this role. But he had two separate types of women. Let's say on one end of the spectrum, he had a loyal housewife. Or let's just say he had a maybe it maybe she doesn't take care of the kids. Maybe she she works or whatever the case is, but let's say he has children with her. Okay. And let's say she's 100% faithful, let's say she has good mom like characteristics.

Let's say she she's a great cook, right? She keeps the house nice and tidy. She is as submissive to him in the bedroom as she can be because she's not necessarily brainwashed into having this ultimate thrill of dirty website fantasy that's become so accustomed to most women. But let's say he's not fulfilled. Let's say he's a high value, man. Let's say he's one of the most successful lawyers in Manhattan. And let's say he takes you through his day to day struggles of what it's like to be taught to be tied down just to one woman and how insane that feels on a day to day basis because he feels as if that one woman just holds him back from his true potential or not only that his mating strategy of having multiple options are not only that maybe younger women are interested in him maybe women who are more beautiful than maybe women who are more beautiful than his current wife, let's say. Would it be acceptable for that guy to dabble?

Do you think it would be acceptable for that guy to dabble. If you don't think it would be acceptable for that guy to dabble Why? Now, let's take this a step further. And I want to ask you what would happen if we made an entire show on this, an entire show on this to where he Lee he had he led two lives to where he had his faithful wife at home that he could come home to and love but on the side, he had his wild, seductive mistress that would please him in every way, shape, and form.

And what if that was encouraged? Not only if that was encouraged, let's take it a step further. And let's talk about what if that was actually the genuine desire of that man in every way, shape, and form. And that was acceptable throughout culture. Now, what you're seeing today is massive. female empowerment. Yeah, and that's fine. I'm, I'm all I'm all for female empowerment. If we talk about positive femininity, just like I'm all for strong, dominant masculine men in the aspect of positive masculinity, now you want to you You gotta you you're a bit, they're walking a fine line with the show. Because this, this sort of way of living, this sort of way of being is going to be this is going to be hardwired into the subconscious of every single woman that sees this, just like 50 Shades of Grey. This is going to be hardwired into them as to what is acceptable. And not only that, what women are typically encouraged to today is to have multiple lovers.

Okay? And not only that, to, to go and experience as many options as they can, so they can get their pick of the litter in their taste of what it is that they like yet, if men do that he's a bad man now and ask yourself if we had the reverse of this TV show, and we actually had the guy who was in control, and the guy who had the power between the two. And all of the women were after him, and it was a constant battle. And the wife just never felt good enough, just like in the show how the husband does not feel good enough, he feels as if he can't s3 actually pleaser. He feels as if the relationship is dwindling down upon yet she has no sympathy. She does not care.

That's what you have to remember throughout this is that she does she fundamentally does not care. But yet he's supposed to. let's reverse this. What would happen if he was the one who did not care? What was the one who what would happen if he was the one who had the mindset that it was 100%, acceptable and normal for him to have his pick of the litter? Because he's made a man he's made himself a man of success. Not only that, what if we emphasize throughout the world and throughout culture, how hard his life is being a high value man yet have to be tied to one woman? What if we sympathize for that guy and told him he had it rough? What if we sympathize for that guy and said that he was dealt a bad hand and it's just not fair? And that he should go get to exercise those options, regardless of the repercussions regardless of how it makes her feel? What if we're told that he should put his mating strategy first. And since he made himself a man of value? he's entitled to all of that? What if we did that? I'm not saying we should. But I'm asking you what would happen? These are questions I want you to think for yourself.

Not only that, what I'd like you to know, keep in mind, we're going to be talking about full stack here in a couple minutes. But what I want you to do is either tomorrow, or the next day, I'm going to be tuning in, and I'm making a follow up video. And the follow up video from a few months ago titled I witnessed female nature in real life, this is the result. Okay? I witnessed this again over the Fourth of July, with a social circle and a group of people and I'm going to be diving deep into that story either tomorrow or the next day. But for now, keep focused on this movie for a keep focus on this Netflix series for a second, what would happen if that was the case? Not only that, why is it acceptable? for her to do that? Why is that encouraged for women to do that?

Why is it encouraged for her to maximize her sexual strategy and have the dutiful beta pay the repercussions yet have no sexual reward or desire? The fact is this women selectivity and mating strategy today, they're not typically able to find what they're looking for in the same guy. Okay. What I need to talk about briefly, is what's happened is men have typically been brainwashed or told themselves throughout culture or throughout their upbringing, that the way into a woman's goodwill, right the way into a woman's heart, the way into even having intimate time in the bedroom with a woman that that's going to be weeded through good provisioning slash quote unquote, beta type behavior.

Men are told that if you just get a good job, if you just are straight now on a straight, narrow path, right? If you do the things that you're supposed to do, you're going to be rewarded. And these are the guys who get taken for suckers because they don't necessarily understand that a woman's options were maximized in her youth and as her and in her youth as she maximized those options. Not only was she hit with every single walk of life of God, but typically there was a guy or some guys who have maximize their s3 actual will on her and she loved it. That's the fact that most guys have to remember she loved every minute of it. Now what would happen in Culture, if men were encouraged to do the same, what would happen if you were to exercise your options without being deemed a bad man? What would happen to you? What would happen to the women?

Who would have the upper hand and who would have the power? But see, we don't have shows like this. And I'm not saying we should. But what I am saying is, this is food for thought. What I found typically today, the reason why majority of men have absolutely no idea what to do when it comes to the dating game whatsoever is not only because how they were conditioned and how they were raised, but they don't necessarily understand the standpoint of becoming full stack today, what you're going to see, you're going to see the guys who have it figured out, meaning they have it figured out with women with their game with women when it comes to seducing when it comes to actually being attractive, right. Typically, what's happening today is men have had to level up all areas of their life just to even be noticed. So what you are actually seeing today is you're seeing men who do have their finances together who are a man of value, who have created some sort of value towards others. What's happened is these same guys have integrated some sort of game into their life. These guys have, on some level understood female nature and female dynamic, which means that slowly men are crafting themselves into being full stack.

Now let's let's take a second here and ask why. Why have I preached being full stack on this channel throughout my entire YouTube? I've done it because I truly feel this is necessary.

After over 2000 students through the masculinity blueprint accelerator, what I found time and time again is that men who are full stack do not get hit with these issues. Now let's actually dive into what full stack is full, is where you are putting your time to maximize your genetic potential, your income potential, you're maximizing your high value mindset. And not only that you are completely game aware on every way shape, and form your sharpest attack, you can't be outdone. And if you can be outdone, that woman typically has gained that's even just as strong or stronger. And that is hard to find. If you're a guy doing the work, what I'm encouraging men to do is not only do the work, but understand how this can be integrated, so you're not hit with the problems of the 99%.

What happens when a man has both sides of the coin, for those of you who are heavy into the red pill, you're going to look at this as alpha and beta, you're going to look at this as a woman's hypergamy, and a woman's dualistic mating strategy. That's great if you do look at it like that. But I'm here to tell you that you can kick ass on every side. And here's why. If you're the type of guy who has both sides of the coin figured out if this is the alpha side right here, okay, and this is the beta side right here. Let's look at alpha for a second. Let's say you're putting in your work in the gym, you're lowering your body fat, you've built the muscles, right? You've maximized your potential, you're very game aware, you know how to push pull flirt entities, you know how to engage your emotions, and you can speak clearly. So that way that level of confidence is displayed that is alpha, that means you can open a set at a bar, that means you can talk one on one with a woman who maybe you meet out in public. That means even maybe your text game is savvy because you truly understand how to push the right buttons cool, you can get laid. That's great. A lot of these guys can't keep women. That's what you have to remember. What happens when a guy has this side of the puzzle figured out, his finances are on point, maybe he's very career oriented. And he knows it in his downtime, he is working every second. So that way he can level up so that way he does not have to deal with the issues of the 99% of men. This guy now has both sides figured out he has now intertwined both he's integrated and he has became full second one your full stack. Women won't know how to describe it. They maybe will know how to describe it to their girlfriends in some way, shape, or form. But you are irreplaceable. And here's where this this, this almost fit is a woman's fear. Because she knows she cannot replace you. She knows on some level, she cannot replace you. And even if she can replace you, it's going to take at minimum six months to a year to do so. That is where you win as a guy. That is where you win when it comes to life is when you have maximized your potential in every way, shape or form. So that way she knows that if it's Sunday, and she were to dump you, you would have a new replacement lined up by Tuesday. And she knows on some existential level that she would have to fight tooth and nail for six months getting thrown back out to the woods, going through the dating game going through online dating, going through Bumble going through bars, she would know that she would have to go through every twist and turn to try to maximize what she had before. This is why it is in your best interest to become full stack. So to wrap up this video is the show something you should watch only for entertainment so you can actually see what truths are being exposed that I think a lot of us knew when it comes to female nature throughout life. But not only that, this is really going to tell you how a woman does think and this video I swear is going to be tying into a video I'm going to come out with either tomorrow or the next And this is why I highly encourage you to stay tuned for the next one, because I am going to show you some of the shortcuts as to how women think as to how so men are rewarded as three actually as fast as possible and why others have to jump through hoops and ladders and how you can be the guy who never has to jump through a hoop and ladder ever again, but you have to stay tuned.

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