• Casey Zander

It will NEVER get better than this.

This is most people. Maybe not you, but most. They stand around and watch every amazing opportunity go by. All of them. Every damn day.

They sit there, and sit there, and sit there, and every day they think "maybe the next one." Every time, when that person limits themselves to the next possible opportunity, they die a little bit more inside. That person may make an excuse such as "I'm tired", or "I didn't have focus", or "I wasn't in the right state of mind", or "I was just not in the mood."

Then something crazy happens. The thing that they wanted to do, or wish that they would have done, is executed by someone else. The only thing that the person thinks in their head is, "I wish that was me."

Regret is the worst pain of all. You can get anything back in life besides time.


When you see that person that you wish you were jump on the obstacle and tackle it with full force, you will start to debate why you didn't attempt. Apply this to fitness, career goals, dating, or applying yourself to a topic you care about. Whether you set the limitation on yourself due to inner belief, or the fear of what others may think if you tried, the fact is that it just DOESN'T MATTER. Execution is rewarded, and nothing else matters. Plain and simple. People get so focused on getting stuff right instead of getting stuff done, and they never seem to start in the first place.

The reason I chose the title for this blog is because, nothing in life will ever get better than where you are at now unless you take advantage of the opportunity each day placed in front of your face. Everyday you are faced with the decision to be soft and accept life for how it is, or rise up and go get what is yours.

The reason why I'm even able to touch on this topic is because the picture on the left is me at 18, and me at 22. I know what it is like to have the victim mentality, and I know what it's like to have the driver attitude. We train our bodies to carry our mind, and as you get stronger physically you WILL get stronger mentally. There is no questions asked, this is fact. I'm sharing this experience because I care so much about the people who were like me in the previous photo. It is not about personal development, it is the ability to get SHIT DONE everyday with no excuses or questions asked. To do the best you can each day. To go from a bag of marsh-mellows, to being carved out of wood. Strength. Real strength.

I feel it is a personal RESPONSIBILITY to search for the best/stronger/happiest version of yourselves at all times. To see the vision of what could be. It comes down to being almost obsessive about your goals and the pursuit to become stronger.

When you remove the victim mentality from your thoughts and replaces it from a standpoint of accountability, there is no longer anyone to blame, no longer any topic to help you procrastinate, and no person to hold you back. It's all on you. It always has been and always will be.


You can not be scared to f*ck up and make a mistake. The mind wants what is comfortable. The comfort zone is where most will stay because of their fear to actually live the life that they wish they could. To walk, talk, act, and be the vision that they can only dream to see for themselves. The mind will list every excuse.

"Don't want to make a mistake"

"Low on finances"

"Low on time"

"Not enough education"

"Friends will think I'm weird"

"Significant other will disapprove"

"Mom and Dad/Family will judge"

"It's not normal"... Whatever that means.

Do you see how insane this is yet? People get put into a box of how they should be. How they feel that they are perceived by the rest of the world, and do their best to fit that category without ever breaking out. Now in the post, if you are still reading, I strongly hope you can see that this is much much deeper that fitness and gym work. This is how you are as a person as a whole and realizing what type of traits are holding you back from reaching your full potential.


A path of self improvement can start at anytime if you accept that fact and just do it. For some, that should have been 15 years ago, for others, it should have been 6 months ago, and for some, it needs to be today. Here is what I see with many people and fitness. Too many are students. They want to read, “learn”, and consume, or pretend like they are not ready.

They question the same thing over and over and continue to hunt for information. One more book, or one more article, or one more training style that they try for a few weeks. The lack of patience and lack of understanding that it takes real skill to get good at anything is why most don’t see results. Taking action each day, and not having everything “perfect” will get you farther than having the “perfect” strategy but never executing. Lack of action is one way to never get to it. Whatever "it" is for you.

You will lose many times over and over before results come, but stopping motion is the way to never get there. Always in action, re-evaluate, find what works for you. There comes a time when it is time to stop being a student and a consumer of the posts and just do it.

It’s hard to explain over this text box but I hope one of these paragraphs strike a cord. Don’t sit and wonder and consume and hope and learn. Just go do, and get better each day at doing.



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