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You Can't Love It Just When It's Convenient

With the new year of 2019 here, many people are ready to make drastic changes to their lives. People want to be viewed as the version of themselves that they wish to see. When something becomes "cool" we see an awful lot of people to aspire to be something that often they are not, self-awareness goes by the wayside and everyone jumps in to think that they will tackle these goals and love it because of the new year. That is not how this works. Often people want to be something that they just aren't.

The hard truth is that to reach any goal that you have in the gym or in life takes massive amounts of dedication and virtually no motivation. Motivation leads to short term action, short term progress, and always dies out. Dedication is there for the long haul, through thick and thin. A dedicated person craves success so bad, they will do anything for it.


When I started training many years ago, I was small, weak, and underdeveloped. When I graduated HS at age 18 I was around 135 LBS with little to no muscle definition. See pic below. The left is me after high school, and the right is now.

Starting out in the gym I was extremely motivated. I wanted change so bad that it felt as if I was the most comfortable when putting myself through the most pain. Change like this is extremely mental and I learned that very quickly.

After the first couple months in the gym, I lost my motivation and love for weight training. It became the SAME THING EVERY DAY. For months on end with no expiration date. I started to hate working out (and still do to this day) and truly believe that anyone who loves working out is simply not going hard enough in the gym. The feeling once I'm done is amazing because I know that what I just did was extremely difficult.

The motivation will vanish eventually. For everyone, that point comes at many different stages. The key is to have delayed gratification. The ability to realize that consistency, and dedication will have the biggest long term payoff when you reach your goal.


You need to build one thing if your goal is to build a better body. That one thing is mental toughness. The "warrior mindset." Building an amazing body takes so much hard work. The fatigue, time, and lack of motivation will all be there when it comes to training. It's easy to love it in the beginning but only the true people that desire change and a better version of themselves will finish the task.

You can’t love this game when it’s just about motivational posts, selfies, and the new thing you hope to be interested in. You have to equity love it when you have to captain your mind day in and day out through choppy waters through the process.

At the end of the day it's about finding out just how strong you are, and how good you are at keeping your word to yourself.

Happy new year! ;)

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