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When someone wants to tackle a new fitness goal, their first focus is getting themselves motivated. Sounds great on paper, but a true train crash waiting to happen if you would want to actually see real results. You see, success in anything is extremely LONG TERM. No one achieves anything in a week, a month, and most times even after a year, there is still so much room for improvement. This is true for everything, especially fitness.

The best way to shift your mind is to focus far less on motivation and much more on dedication. Without dedication, you wont see anything come of it. The best training, nutrition, coaching, and equipment will get you absolutely nowhere if you are not dedicated to the process.


The process is rinse and repeat. Every day. The only way to make progress. Day to day, play the long game, and have faith that what you are doing is working, will keep working, and will grow better. Can’t be too quick to just say fck it and give up. No one gets good at anything in a day, a week, or even a year for that matter. Doing more, not less, and most importantly doing more when you don't want to do any.

Anyone who constantly needs motivation and especially motivation from other, will have a hard time reaching their goal. Determination to change, evolve, or become better takes a person willing to help themselves. "Self improvement" is just that. It is improvement for yourself. No one else. Nobody can give you the motivation and determination to change and improve. It needs to come from within. Self-help teaches the opposite. It teaches people that someone else's perspective on how they view themself should matter. When you are on your own purpose, others motivation no longer impacts you, and the internal desire to evolve comes out.


The true growth comes from the build up of mundane cycle or process that it takes to improve. Some say "practice makes perfect" and that just about sums it up. When I began my transformation journey, I did not miss a single workout for over 200 weeks consecutively. That is 4 years strait.

Below is a picture of my transformation as well as my video linked.

It was in that time that I learned traits about myself to help become successful in whatever goal that you have. I learned that true success comes from being insanely disciplined, and sometimes true to your own goals even when you don't want to be.

The consistency day by day and week by week slowly turned into years. It was in that time when I learned what I was truly make of and that most importantly, nothing comes easy.


People are too quick to give up. Too quick to declare that something "didn't work" or "didn't work fast enough." The truth is that, they never played it out long enough to see anything come of it. The workout that I am about to link below, I have done once every 8 days for four and a half years straight.


At the end of the day it comes down to pattern. Repetitive pattern builds skill, strength, and success. If you are not willing to be dedicated to the process for the long haul, good luck getting where you want to be.

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