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Top 5 Biggest Bulking Mistakes

As bulking season approaches, many people are looking at putting on as much lean muscle as possible. Especially men. Winter in the time for growth and development. This is where I shine. I have managed to maintain a lean physique year round while slowly adding muscle each year. Each year I see the same mistakes time and time again. Let's begin!


Mistake 1. People are over eating their calorie surplus.

In order to build new muscle tissue, a calorie surplus needs to be present. A calorie surplus is when the body is consuming more calories than it is burning. However, most people hear the word bulk and assume that they get to eat whatever they want. The goal is to build muscle and not put on fat. This is where things go wrong for most people.

To build new muscle tissue typically takes a surplus of only 300-500 calories per day. This means that people should be gaining around 1LB per week. Anything more that this and you will start to have fat accumulation and unnecessary weight.


Mistake 2. People are not taking in enough protein.

The person may be in a calorie surplus and eating enough to gain weight, but they are typically not getting in enough protein to build new muscle tissue. Instead, they are eating "dirtier" foods heavy in processed carbs and fats and gaining weight that is translating to no new strength in the gym. This is a major problem.

Men need .8-1 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. Women need .6-.8 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. This is crucial. Amino acids are the building blocks to strength and muscle gain. Be sure to divide your macro nutrients up so there is enough calorie room left for the day to get in all of your adequate protein intake.


Mistake 3. People are not consistent in the gym.

The driving factor to new muscle growth in the gym is going to be consistent training each week. All lifts need to be documented each week noting the exercises you did, with the exact set, rep range, and the weight that you used. There is no way around this. If you are not using a system of progressive overload in the gym, you will not build any new muscle tissue.

There needs to be a new stimulus on the body each week to keep gaining constant strength and muscle. If you are not getting stronger by either adding weight to your lifts, or adding sets and reps at a given weight, the body has no reason to change. A skipped day in the gym is much different that a designated rest day.


Mistake 4. People prioritize "dirty" foods.

When people go on a bulk they often throw out all sources of micro-nutrients and resort to more unhealthy food options. Vitamins and minerals are all still very important for overall health and should never be ignored. Vegetables and other whole food sources need to be the backbone of your nutrition each week.

People who eat unhealthy when bulking usually look much worse by the end of it. Not to mention, they usually gain hardly any new strength or muscle in the long run anyways. The goal is to track your macros and stay on point with them. Each day your macros need to be based on healthy whole food sources.


Mistake 5. People don't focus on gym performance.

This one really irks me. Just because you are eating big does not mean that you will get big! You need to be documenting your performance and put performance above anything else. The goals that you are chasing in the gym needs to come before any amount of excess calories you are debating putting in your mouth.

Most people get this part totally wrong because they don't understand that change to your body is not something that happens easily, it is forced. Your body doesn't care if you are bigger or stronger, it just wants to survive. You need to make sure you dot ever i and cross every t with a good sound training plan before you thing of stepping up your calories.


Below is my video describing all of these problems that people have in depth!

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