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5 Best Leg Day Tips and Tricks

Many men in the fitness game today struggle each week with legs. Many of them will just skip it all together, others will try and perform leg exercises but fail to have a full grasp on what it takes to actually grow and develop them the correct way.

Leg training can be tricky at first, but over time it becomes very crucial. Your legs are the foundation to the base of your body. Without strong legs, your upper body lifts and development will suffer with time. Let's begin!


1. Prioritize the basics

When someone starts leg training, they will often add weight to form that is not ready to handle it. They will also completely overlook things like range of motion, depth, proper mobility, and all hip hinge movements to grow the posterior chain. This includes hips, hamstrings, glutes, and spinal erectors.

Here is my brief video on the importance on depth and mobility during the squat. The whole goal is to not add weight to form that can not handle it.

Things you need to be able to handle is

-Complete mobility in your squat form.

- Complete focus on your hip hinge movements such as the RDL and deadlift.

People do not spend enough time prioritizing the basics and understanding how how body needs to move with key barbell movements.


2. Stay away from machines. (At least right away)

Since so many people have underdeveloped form with squats and deadlifts or other barbell movements, they find comfort in machines. This is not good long term.

When people constantly use machines, they lack crucial stabilizer muscle development which is very important for long term growth and development.

You need to go back to the beginning and learn how to squat to the correct depth, deadlift with good form, and lunge with full control of your legs. This may mean that you need to do bodyweight only for these movements. Form is crucial.


3. Quality not quantity.

This one speaks for itself. You need a couple key movements in the gym with quality sets and reps with form that you can add weight to over time.

So many people make the mistake of switching to a bunch of exercises and never getting better and just a couple of the important basics.


4. Focus on form.

If you can not do simple stuff like squat all the way to depth, hinge at the waist for hamstring exercises without back pain, or target a specific area of your legs by changing up the stance, than it is time to go back and drill form with the bar only.


5. Stop ego lifting legs.

Right now, your legs may be stronger than your upper body and that is okay! With so many people ego lifting legs, they forget that the goal is to actually grow them.

You hear people say things like "I can't bench more than I squat" or other things like that. People are insecure that their legs are under developed. Take a step back and realize that it's okay!


My 5 best leg day tips video explained below.

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