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Why reinvent the wheel? Success can always be watched by other people, and applied to yourself. When it comes to fitness, some people refer to it as "program hopping" which essentially is someone who is always switching their fitness routine. They do this for a variety of reasons. Some believe in "muscle confusion" which is a total BS term made up by fitness companies trying to SELL a new routine. Others simply get bored of the same movements and think that a change will spark new growth or be better for their body. THIS IS ALL WRONG.


I have built my body over this past 5 years by doing the SAME MOVEMENTS EVERY WEEK. There is no exaggeration when I say that either. My workout routine each week has been the exact same for well over 200+ weeks of consistency.

One of the hardest parts about fitness is the ability to break through the barrier of people thinking that they need different training styles to fit each person.

This is often due to preconceived notions based on how the individual looks.

There is one way to lose fat (caloric deficit.) One way to build muscle (progressive overload training.) Each persons body is MUCH more alike than different.

Each individuals body (physique) will be different based on genetics ect... However, the backbone of diet and training principals can be the same for everyone.


A muscle can not "tone" or change shape. It can either grow (hypertrophy) or shrink (atrophy) but there is no in between. To get your body to change shape, there needs to be a reason to do so. The answer is progression. Forced progression. Great training comes down to the ability to know your current level of strength, and look for ways to improve on it.

Attached is my current video explaining why you train wrong.


The exercises never change for me. An example would be my chest training. Every week I am doing the incline bench press as my first movement for 5 sets of 5 reps. The only difference is that year one of training was 5 sets of 5 reps at 135 LBS and now it is 5 sets of 5 reps at 225 LBS. The progress in the body comes from strength progression. NOT overall scale weight.

This applies to males and females, young and old, rich or poor, and even beginner or advanced lifters. Getting stronger wins.

Apply this exact method to each body part. Pick a set and reps range that you enjoy. Deploy insane amounts of patience over the next couple years and be consistent as hell.

Fitness and exercise should be easy not complicated. The answer is simple. Get stronger and results will follow.

Watch the people who have success, learn from them, and duplicate it to yourself. Chances are, you are no different from them.

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