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The "Chicken Legs" Epidemic

"Chicken Legs!" This is one of the worst things that a person can hear when trying to build their body. Males and females both typically desire toned muscular legs. For women, this is absolutely crucial in order to build curves. For men, it is a staple to build proportion to add balance to the upper body.

Leg training is often over complicated, with too much emphasis placed ego lifting for strength. The reason that people can not grow great legs is because they have not mastered the basics and fundamentals of leg training.


When someone starts leg training, they will often add weight to form that is not ready to handle it. They will also completely overlook things like range of motion, depth, proper mobility, and all hip hinge movements to grow the posterior chain. This includes hips, hamstrings, glutes, and spinal erectors.

Here is my brief video on the importance on depth and mobility during the squat. The whole goal is to not add weight to form that can not handle it.


The truth is that there is never a need to constantly be switching up your leg day routine. Consistency is crucial. Legs need to be hit 1-2 times per week with a heavy focus on compound movements such as the squat, RDL, deadlift, and other compound multi-joint movements.

Attached below is my full leg day routine.


What you will notice is that my leg day routine is always focused on just 4 or 5 key lifts. THATS IT. Zone in on the basics and learn to get extremely strong at them. A perfect example would be the squat. My working sets have always been 5 sets of 5 reps as my main compound lift for leg day. However, my working weight of 315 LBS was 135 LBS for all sets roughly 3 years ago.

Very rarely is there ever a need to switch exercises, sets, or reps. The key is consistency at the same movements. This is how you build long term motor recruitment to the central nervous system to make leg growth easy.

Attached is my leg day tips video.


For many men out there, going back to the basics and learning form with very light weight may be a blow to the ego. Your bench press may very well be a stronger lift than your squat right now and that is totally OKAY.

For all males and females out there looking to improve on their legs you need to take a step back, Re-evaluate your form, and drill consistency like there is no tomorrow.

My leg day has been the same each week for 4 years in a row. Two sessions a week without a session ever missed. At 52 weeks in a year that is over 400+ session that were tracked with the sole purpose of gaining strength at the same lifts. This is how it is done.

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