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Ladies. Stronger Booty=BIGGER BOOTY

-Girls want curves.

-Girls want a bigger butt.

-Girls tend to favor cardio for "fat loss."

-Girls are weak. (Hear me out, I have an explanation.)


Since the start of CZ Fitness, I have coached over 190 women to date. This means that I see repetitive trends how women think and feel about fitness. It's no wonder why women tend to stay away from the weights area at their local gym. The scene is typically men who are strong, fit, and typically have an idea how to lift weights.

Women see the size of these men and instinctively think that they will gain weight and be blocky if they pick up a weight.

Below is Andrea, My former client and Women's Toning success story. She was a former cardio bunny, and was very shy towards weight training. With total believe in my training systems, her physique took a total 180.


Bigger GLUTES. Wider HIPS. Toned LEGS. Tight WAIST. This is what women want, and the truth is that there is only one way to do it. A female needs to get extremely strong at their key lifts to grow those specific areas. Training in a format that they probably are not used to.

The parts of your body that you want emphasis on size and shape NEEDS to be hit the hardest in a gym. For women there is 3 key movements to add size and shape to your glutes, hips, and quads. Barbell hip thrusts, sumo deadlifts, and the cable glute kickback.


Cardio is never the answer when toning up either. Cardio long term will atrophy (shrink) muscle in the legs. This is the opposite of what you want. Lean body mass (muscle) is a major key in elevating metabolism and burning fat.

A common misconception with cardio is that it directly burns fat! This is not true. There is no correlation with cardio and fat loss. The only way to lose fat is through a calorie deficit! This means you are consuming less calories than your body is burning.

So ladies. Lift hard, lift heavy, and lift often!


Attached below is the link to my YouTube video titled, "How to build the body that you actually want." Information relating to this topic starts at 10:35 in the video!

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