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When you don't see any results.

People run into this dilemma all the time and it can be so frustrating to experience. You go to the gym each and every week attempting to build your body to a better level. Between the hours spent in the gym, energy levels being depleted, and fatigue after training. It's no wonder why so many people give up on their fitness journey.

The look or body that so many desire can often be achieved simply by making a few tweaks in the gym and learning to pay just a little closer attention to your body.


Since the beginning of CZ Fitness, I have now coached over 300 people. I have seen every type of mental block, training flaw, and nutrition hang up out there. None of this is new to me. After seeing this many different personalities, I have realized that the people who don't see results are the ones who are not as strict or punctual as they need to be to see progress.

It can be a variety of things. People who are training in the gym for hopes of fat loss typically do not have the nutrition aspect dialed in to force the body into a calorie deficit.

These people usually graze eat, or "loosely track calories" thinking that they are still on point. It takes more than that.

Other people with hopes of putting on more size or muscle mass in the gym will often hit a plateau and NEVER break through it. They do not understand the key fundamentals of progressive overload training. These people will often go into the gym without a plan, and lift whatever weights they feel like lifting that day. Never the mindset of training for specific goal performance.

The hard part is that often times, these people will still have the drive and dedication to get to the gym each day for months or even years on end. However, progress is no longer made because of just a couple key tweaks.


When you have a halt in progress, it is time to go back to the drawing board. Here are a few KEY things to always remember.

1. Weight loss is done in the kitchen

The problem lies with people believing that they can outwork a bad diet. There is no amount of cardio, weight training, or high intensity exercise that will make you lose pounds if you are not forcing your body into a calorie deficit. This means that each day you need to be burning more calories than your body is intaking. (Video below shows how to calculate your deficit number of calories starting at 7:50!)

2. Muscle gain doesn't JUST HAPPEN.

Men and women often desire a toned muscular frame.

This requires strength training but more importantly it requires progressive overload training! This means that each week you are going into the gym with a plan and gym routine set up for you to make STRENGTH GAINS each week. Strength is a bi-product of muscle. The stronger you become, the bigger your muscles will grow.

The key is to always look for ways to progress. The ways of progression is through added weight, added sets or reps at a given weight, or shorter rest periods. Never stay at the same fitness level. Look for ways to progress. (My "You do this, I do that" video link below.)

3. Patience only works if consistency is present.

The number one factor why people fail to make gains or progress in the gym is because they do not hold themselves accountable on a daily basis. If the body doesn't have a consistent reason to change, it won't. This is the biggest factor to long term improvement.


When people look at what they do each day, there is typically many different areas in their nutrition and training plan that can often be improved on. The key is to work smarter not harder. After that, dial in the consistency.

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