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I LOVE TO GO CRAZY AND PARTY. Who doesn't. Currently I am 22 years old and people my age are all about the party scene. People often say these are the "best years of your life" (whatever that means) and being young is something that can only be experienced once. I get that whole aspect. The "FOMO" (fear of missing out) can be real and regret is something that no one wants to experience. However, I believe that there is no right or wrong way to live.

Everyone has different goals.

Everyone has different priorities.

Everyone has a different version of what fun looks like.

Everyone enjoys different things.


With my journey going on five years in the fitness world, my way of thinking and personality has taken a total 180! Some may take that as something negative, but for me it has been nothing but positive.

For most people, partying is a means to an end. Alcohol is a gateway to often talk to the opposite sex. A cover up or mask in order to display confidence or lack of care when carrying yourself in social situations. For most people, this becomes the only way they know how to be social.


When fitness becomes part of your life, alcohol or partying is often put to the back burner because self improvement is just SO DAMN ADDICTING. When you see the body go through real life changes, you will be hooked. People will start to notice. You carry yourself different because you become proud of what has been accomplished.

Alcohol diminishes progress real quick. If you have a night of heavy drinking, the next day can be absolute hell. The hangover will affect your sleep, your strength in the gym is almost non-existent, and motivation is at an all time low. The thought of even moving can be hard at times. This is why most people who choose to lead a fit life rarely cave into binge drinking. When you improve so much, it is hard to see results and hard work vanish.

Alcohol is muscle deteriorating. Your body treats it as a poison. As soon as it hits the blood stream, your body has one goal and that is to get rid of it as fast as possible.


Here is where things get hard, when it comes to alcohol and life balance with diet, things get tricky. Since alcohol has calories, (7 calories per gram) the body uses the alcohol calories in the blood first while food is stored as fat. The body can only use one fuel source. This means if food is in your system at the same time as alcohol, fat will be gained.

Alcohol also has a massive reduction when it comes to hormone function in the body as well. Testosterone and growth hormone can drastically declined by up to 40% while cortisol and insulin raises. Cortisol and insulin are both fat storing hormones.


People often think they can trade food calories for alcohol if they prep for it. There is some truth to that. However, the body is much more complex than just calories in VS calories out. Hormone function plays just as big of a roll in fat loss as calories do. A 1.5 oz. shot of liquor is usually 90-100 calories and a beer is between 100-200. It adds up fast. In order to make the caloric consumption equal to what a person is used to, food often has to be drastically reduced.

As hormonal function decreases, so does the benefits of muscle building and fat loss. Regardless of how many calories were consumed that day, hormones can play a huge roll with body composition. When you drink, the body has one goal and that is to get rid of that alcohol.


If you choose to go down the road of fitness, you will find that you start looking for self-improvement in many other aspects of life. Social settings get easier sober, fear of meeting new people becomes non-existent, and you will be able to have an amazing time sober.

Sure you can use the phrase that "life is all about balance," but is it really? When has balance ever been a tool in order to achieve something great? In my opinion, never.

Balance will get you...

-Friends that are not like minded.

-Excuses to not stay on track with your goals.

-Lack of progression in life.

You see, by living with other people's mindset of what is okay, you start to drift away from what you value.

Moderation if you wish, but I love progress way to much to fall into that trap.

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