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Sugar- The Most Toxic Poison

If I were to just tell you flat out that sugar is very bad, it would be old news that everyone has heard. Everyone knows this, and I would sound like a broken record. However, I want to take some time to break down step by step exactly what sugar does to the body and how it hurts the brain.

Here is the thing. Sugar is NOT just basic glucose. Refined sugar is completely different. Sugar has a high relationship with inflammation in the body. Inflammation is triggered whenever you are sick and the body needs to be healed. Throughout the bloodstream, lipids (fat) and protein (amino acid) particles flow freely through the blood.

Advanced Glycation End Products (AGE's) are proteins or lipids that have become glycated from the exposure to sugars. This is a response to the reaction of sugar to the blood stream. This is what triggers inflammation within the body.


This inflammation will cause skin complexion to become poor, wrinkles, or a slowness in recovery. This inflammation breaks down collagen which prevents joints from recovering. Sugar spikes in the bloodstream hurts the body in so many ways.

When you look at the heart and arteries, people are told that fat is the enemy. The issue is not cholesterol, the issue is sugar from inflammation. When an insulin spike rises from consuming sugar, we have cells in our arterial walls that become stiff and rigid. This makes resistance against the blood, which causes a rise in blood pressure.


When the comparison is looked at between sugar and the brain, dopamine receptors light up when sugar is consumed. Sugar falls into the same category of addiction to the brain as alcohol or other drugs.

This can lead to mood disorders or depression. The dopamine spikes and drops can hurt someones mental health each day.

The body needs two things to survive. The first is essential fatty acids from lipids, and essential amino acids from protein. There is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate.

When Americans constantly have the backbone of their diet made up of starchy carbs and sugar, overall bodily functions and health will always be sacrificed. Keep your heart healthy.

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