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Realize it's OKAY to Put Yourself FIRST

I take a lot of mental note when it comes to how people are thinking, especially when it involves fitness/health/well-being, ect...

The thing that I have noticed the most is that many people have a huge problem with making themselves their number one priority in life. This tends to confuse me. How can anyone fully function or take care of others as a priority if they don't have themselves in check first?


Here is what a person needs to do. Re-evaluate what you want out of your life. The game needs to start being played for you to actually win, not everyone else around you.

As a person ages, the emphasis on pleasing significant others, family, friends, siblings, parents, or children starts to come before that individual. The problem is that it is extremely easy to fall into this mindset that others need to come first, I do this from time to time as well.

The problem with this, is that it becomes very easy each week to make excuses for your own personal shortcomings or failed goals that you have. This is not good due to the fact that training your mind to believe it is okay to fail, or that missed targets in your own personal life is an acceptable thing. Essentially, failing becomes part of who you are.


When you start taking care of yourself like someone you are actually responsible for taking care of, everything around you changes. Not only will the people that you have been supporting respect you more, but you will become a stronger individual. A person who doesn't bend, and teaches others to do the same is a great influencer. Strong, resilient, and motivational are all traits that will be noticed by people around you.

It starts with accepting the fact that winning is the only option. Your personal priorities need to be in check to make a better individual out of yourself which is what is deserved. At first this may come as a surprise to people around you, and feelings may even be hurt short term along the way. Long term it won't matter, the people you care about will receive a new and improved stronger version of you.


The ability to actually start this journey can look daunting. People may be relying on you left and right to get things done for them. Conversations will likely need to be had. They may not always go smooth but you will thank yourself that you had them.

It all starts with realizing that you have purpose and your goals matter too. It is a clear cut path to success, now the moves need to me made!

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