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The excuse list is getting RIDICULOUS

My parents don’t support me. - I never have time. - I never have energy. - I work too much. - My wife isn’t into fitness. - My girlfriend doesn’t think I can stick with it. - Everyone will laugh at me. - I just don’t feel comfortable at the gym. - I don’t have money to eat healthy. - I have no motivation. - Everyone will question me. - And??? The amount of stories and excuses I see people try to make to not take care of themselves is incredible. The amount of excuses people make to justify putting in the time to creating a better version of themselves is amazing. I have immense love for everyone scared to take that step, but if you don’t have your health, what do you have? The only one who can make that step is you. - The ones who “never have time” are the ones always at the party. The ones who “never get sleep” are the ones out late into the night. The ones who “have no motivation” are always kept up with their favorite TV show. Yet, the excuses keep coming.


This picture is my current physique that I have attained over the past 4.5 years. Guess what? In that amount of time, I have never missed one workout. NOT ONE. My dedication to progress has evolved so deep, it literally is who I am today. Trust me, I have just as busy of a life as everyone else. In this time I have went through school, work, friends, travel, vacation, late nights, early mornings, sickness, hangover, lack of motivation (kind of at times), and everything else that goes with being a human. I don't care. I don't fall off of my purpose.

The ones who were constantly telling me to slow down, are now the people who I am coaching today to build a better body so they too can become more confident.

Doing less has NEVER SOLVED my problems. Doing less-moderation- has never solved a problem for me. Fitting in never worked for me. When you try to fit in with people you do not fit in with, you’ll end up hating them and you. The problem in my life was I wasn’t helping enough people.

Dreams don’t happen in couches and they don’t happen in bed. You have to meet a new you. Most people simply never overcome their obstacles and barriers. Most people starve between the idea and the execution. Playing it safe means you will never see the opportunities happening right in front of you. Make decisions. Simple decisions. Will YOU expand, or will you contract?


Stop using the phrase that you need "balance." For what? What do you need balance for? Is it some type of tactic to justify the fact that you think it is okay to work less towards your goals? I honestly can not figure it out. If people want something as bad as they say they do, and truly want to change, this should be easy.

Do not fold to social pressures of what everyone else thinks you need to do. Your time is your time, and there is no right or wrong way to live. One day you will die. I think people often forget about that. Time is extremely valuable. Time is the only thing on earth that you can not get back.

It is up to you how you want to live, I would highly suggest making the change today.


If you need a good solid plan how to stop wasting all of your damn time (lol), click yesterdays blog post right HERE.

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