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Stop Wasting Your DAMN TIME

This is a blog post of mine that is a somewhat of a rant, because I'm genuinely pissed. I'm a big truth person. The truth is that lots of people hate themselves, their body, and how they confident they are in the world. Despite this being 100% true, they still fail to make self improvement their number one daily priority.

What do I mean by this? The people who "never" have time for the gym are the ones who are caught up on every single one of their favorite TV shows, spending time and money at bars, chasing other people who have no interest in chasing them, or simply just tell themselves that they are "too tired."

Do you REALIZE that you only have one life? Your time is now. These excuses that you make daily get you nowhere. Time is valuable and most seem to never admit it.


When will you wake up? When will you realize that confidence is not built through mindset, but by ACTION? You need to put steps into place. Everyday. This is not something that you get to pick and choose when it sounds good or feels good, this is something that you owe yourself. Success needs to be the only option, the only mission you strive for each day. If not, what are you actually living for?

You see, for me it all started with going to the gym. Once I personally started seeing crazy amounts of results I was hooked. It didn't stop there. I wanted better friends, better finances, better social skills, and better overall attraction. People think that staying committed to the process makes you a "slave" but in reality you will feel like you have never been in more control. The control that you get to pick and choose each day if you will see the best version of yourself evolve is beyond addicting. BELIVE ME.


Here is my steps for legit success for life.

1. Define your goals to an exact T. Find out exactly what it is that you want out of life.

2. Be articulate in your speech. Precise. Know your goals like the back of your hand. This is important to know what you actually want out of yourself.

3. Make a plan that will get you there.

4. Do that plan each and every day.

5. Do not deviate. DO NOT GIVE IN. EVER.


The mindset is that you are in this for the long haul. Stop with the mindset of needing someone to motivate you. This doesn't work. Anything you want out of yourself will take an insane amount of action. Why submit to letting another day go by of not being where you want to be at? Weakness is overcome by action. Confidence is built through dedication. Results happen when dedication is not only a priority, but a way of life.

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