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Sleep, or lack there of is one of the biggest problems for most people day to day. The day to day grind of obligations, fast-paced, high stress life, will lead to problems with sleep. Not only is this a fact, but it is something that needs to be worked on daily.

Personally, I have struggled with sleeping problems my entire life. I never have had problems with staying asleep, but my mind runs all night before bed. Getting to sleep in the first place has always been a HUGE problem for me. My heart rate is through the roof. I am stressed with work, and I can not get my own mind to ease. This is what happens to so many individuals, along with myself.


My personal concern is that people are not concerned with their own sleep in the first place. Sleep is so crucial in order to improve anything health related. For men, sleep regulates testosterone and growth hormone production. When sleep is under 5 hours per night, testosterone can drop by over 40% which is huge! Low hormone levels will cause excess fat storage and a loss in strength and muscle mass. Women need adequate sleep as well, to maintain estrogen levels and cortisol (stress hormone) regulation.

Cortisol is one of the most catabolic (muscle deteriorating) hormones that the body can produce. This is a stress related fat STORING hormone that will kill your mood and health. Proper sleep will keep cortisol low, and you functioning at your best.


The truth is that if you are trying to increase your strength in the gym, lose fat and decrease scale weight, or build an amazing body, it will take a hefty amount of sleep to recover.

Sessions in the gym week after week tears down muscle tissue. In order for the body to come back stronger and better than the week before, recovery is an absolute must. The body recovers the most while sleeping.



Have no fear, I have some of the best tips to get better, deeper, more successful sleep!

1. Set a routine. Humans thrive in patter. Humans thrive in routine. Humans have ultimate success when the body can predict what is coming. Get on a sleep schedule, commit to it, and do not deviate.

2. Meditate. Take 5-10 minutes in pure silence to yourself each and every night to clear your head. Dive deep with yourself and let go of stress, anxiety, and any other obligations to come in the future that is holding you back from a great night of rest.

3. Sleep Supplementation. This should be a last resort and the previous two points should be heavily considered and set first before supplements. Natural help is great from supplements like melatonin or CBD.


When a person gets their sleep cycle dialed in, everything else falls right into place. Staying on track with your diet and training becomes easy, and mental focus will always be increased!

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