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Meeting my CLIENTS 1 on 1

This past year I have had the opportunity to coach over 200+ CZ Fitness clients, on a verity of my personalized training programs. The one on one feel and personalized program that each person receives through weekly consistent follow up with me has proven amazing results.

I have sat down with multiple clients this year face to fact to finally get a feel for what they were feeling throughout the whole program! Meet my clients.


1: Noah

Noah had amazing success. I had the opportunity to coach him long term for 4 months. He made leaps and bounds in his training, strength, and fat loss. Total weight he lost was 33 LBS.

A combination of fasting, ketogenic dieting, carb cycling, and progressive overload training completely transformed his life and the way he structures training and understands nutrition.

This is his transformation!

This is his interview with me.


2: Jennifer

Jennifer was another very long term client of 18 weeks. With a total of 40 LBS dropped, her body is totally different. I used a modified women's toning program with slightly higher reps with her program. This is because she had little to no lifting experience prior to starting.

This is her transformation!

Her one on one interview with me below.


3: Matt

Matt was on my shortest program of 8 weeks. He had high hopes of bulking up and putting on loads of size. The problem that we ran into is having a lean enough frame from the get-go to put new size on. When bulking, fat gain is inevitable.

We decided to go with a weight cut using caloric restriction, and progressive overload training. Despite Matt losing over 20 LBS, he managed to GAIN strength in all his lifts and new muscle size. This is common when new lifters structure their lifts correctly.

His transformation below!


4: Grant

Grant is one of my best friends from childhood. I have known him almost my whole life. Grant took on my mens ten week Ultimate Bulking Program.

He managed to drop over 13 LBS of fat while gaining 4-5 LBS of new lean muscle tissue. A great example of a true lean bulk.

His interview below!


Getting to know my clients on a one on one basis is what makes my programs truly shine. Learning the in's and out's from the struggle that they see and experience makes me sharper as coach. I have seen every mental pitfall, barrier, and obstacle that can possibly come with health and a good fitness mentality. Knowledge is power.

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