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The majority of people start a fitness journey with the sole purpose of losing fat. Fat loss is typically a number one priority today, especially as obesity and weight gain becomes an epidemic more and more each day. There is more fitness and health knowledge than ever before, yet people seem to be struggling more than ever. Why could this be? The truth about long term dieting is that it is actually really hard. The mental mindset along with other physical changes the body has to go through can be very overwhelming to say the least. With these tips, getting to your physique goal can be not as overwhelming. Lets dive in!


1. Calorie Restriction.

The only way for a human body to lose unwanted body fat/weight is by restricting calories to force the body into a calorie deficit. A calorie deficit is created when the person is consuming less calories than they are burning on a daily basis. If this doesn't happen, no fat loss will occur. Period.

The thing that people seem to forget is that with long term dieting and weight loss (4+ months) a persons metabolism will decrease as bodyweight gets lower. Leptin levels also tend to decline after 12-16 weeks. Leptin is the king of all fat burning hormones that the body has to offer.

Since these problems occur and people typically do not realize, it causes extreme frustration. The truth is that when a fat loss plateau hits, calories need to be INCREASED by 200-500 calories per day for a period of 1-2 weeks to bring metabolic and leptin levels up. Going lower in calories is not always the correct answer!

My tips on speeding up metabolism linked below.


2. Playing the Long Game.

Dieting for weight loss long term is no easy task. Depending on what level of body fat you are at, or how much weight you are attempting to lose will dictate how long you need to restrict calories for. For some people, it may be as short as 8 weeks but for others it may take years to get to where they need to be. This is simply the truth.

The long game means that day by day, you are sticking to your designated macro-nutrient/calorie intake to ensure that fat loss week to week is happening and scale weight is slowly decreasing over time!

My best shredding hacks for dieting with ease linked below!


3. Understand that Mindset is Crucial.

Having a better mental mindset or relationship with food is going to help you play the long game when you are deep in the weeks of cutting. People will often binge eat after a period of dieting and this can cause a terrible relationship between that person and food. They start looking at food as a reward instead of fuel to their body.

Developing a good relationship with food can take time but it comes down to tracking your macros each day. By using macros as a way to dial in your calorie deficit, you can fit in some of your favorite foods each week if the portion sizes and nutrition facts allow for it.

Making your meal choices as whole food based as possible will leave you feeling better, more satisfied, and will help you feel like you have more control over what you put in your mouth!

My video on what "healthy food" actually is, linked below.

By tracking your macro-nutrients you will be much less dependent on will power, and much more dependent on hard facts and evidence of nutrition labels.


When a person can take a deep breath, and realized that this will take time, and patience is going to be very crucial is when results start to happen. Do not put time restrictions on getting to a goal. Focus on getting your diet and training dialed in and chip away at the scale week by week. Knowledge is power.

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