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The BEST Ways to Grow Your GLUTES

What is the defining feature that almost all women want? It’s an attractive hip-to-waist ratio with an hour-glass shape. Yes, ladies need a tight and toned stomach, but also want to add butt exercises to your workout for building the muscles around the lower half of the body.

Many women, sadly, fail to adequately develop this area. Women tend to gravitate towards so much cardio training and high-rep “toning” exercises. To build the booty you have always wanted, you need to stick to low-volume multi-joint exercises and not endless repetitions on the stair stepper or countless minutes on the treadmill.


When targeting the glutes and legs it is important to hone your training down to the most basic and crucial strength training movements. I'm about to go into great detail to explain the 5 most crucial exercises to building your butt. Lets dive in!



Squats will always be looked at as one of the king movements in any sort of physique, athletic, or booty-building program. People often have a hard time squatting.

The truth is that most women have trouble squatting because the weight progression is usually much too fast for the body to keep up with. The weight is often increased too fast and form is sacrificed. The key is to start off using only your bodyweight and slowly working your way up in progression.



Deadlifts often get stereotyped as the meathead lift. People often think that they are only for men who may be into bodybuilding or powerlifting but that is not the case!

Sumo-deadlifts will add massive amounts of strength and size to your glutes and core over time. Taking time with this exercise is crucial to develop good form and reduce the risk of injury.



The lunge is a direct glute builder. In fact, this lift places almost ALL of the tension directly on each glute of each forward placed leg. A barbell or dumbbell can be used to progressively overload this lift over time.

Weighted lunges begin at 1:35 in this video!



Hamstring development is very important because it helps with the shape of the tie in portion between the butt and back of leg!



Hands down the head honcho of all butt builders for women.

This movement is a very easy one to progress at with weight very quickly. Women who get up very heavy with this lift usually over 200+ LBS in total hip thrust weight usually have fully developed muscle bellies in the back of their legs.


Introducing the CZ Fitness Women's Toning Program.

My toning program is designed to build the most feminine physique possible. Curves with an hourglass figure. a tight waist with build and width in the glutes and a toned upper body. Lean gains with amazing curves gives the best appearance.


Traditional "toning" exercises are typically too high in volume with nowhere near the amount of resistance required to output new muscle growth over time. The truth is that a muscle can not possibly "tone" it can either grow or shrink. The only way to give a toned appearance is through diet restriction to lose fat!

Cardio contrary to popular belief is the key to muscle atrophy (shrinkage) which will lead to a butt flat as a pancake.

Key workout exercises that specifically grow the glutes is the 100% best way to grow the bottom half.

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