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The reason you can not fear fat.

FAT. People hate the word and literally everything there is to do with it. The topic can be body fat, dietary fat, saturated fat, healthy fat, belly fat, you name it, people do not like it. People have this idea that fat from food automatically creates body fat. There is many misconceptions when it comes to this topic and we are about to dive in!

Fat is an ESSENTIAL nutrient for the body. The body needs two things. Essential fatty acids and essential amino acids from protein. Fat will aways be part of a persons daily macro-nutrient intake, providing the person with healthy hormone levels and great mental cognition.


Body fat is something that needs to be accepted due to the fact that it is absolutely crucial in order to build a physique. In order to add new muscle tissue to a body, a calorie surplus is required. This is when the body is consuming more calories each day than it is burning. Regardless of gender, this is the ONLY way to build new muscle tissue to change your physique. The surplus each day needs to be ever so slight that the majority of the weight gained is designated towards building muscle mass. However, the body can not always use all of the calories towards muscle. Some fat gain is inevitable.

The truth is that the majority of people male or female do not have enough muscle mass to have the physique shape that they truly desire. This is because they have not spent enough time training in a calorie surplus to create the musculature shape that is desired. Mentally a person needs to realize that some fat gain is absolutely going to be put on their body during this time. With the right diet structure, fat can easily be taken away when the period of caloric surplus is over and a caloric deficit begins. This is when the true underlying shape and physique is brought out as the fat is stripped away week by week.


Regardless if you are male or female, bulking or cutting, big or small, dietary fat is an absolute must to stay healthy. Fat needs to be looked at as something to control through your diet and body composition to help build your physique and keep the body regulated at all times.

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