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Why I Hate Cardio

Cardio has a great reputation but yields poor results long term when it is prioritized over strength training. You will see many people go on a weight loss journey strictly with cardio and weight loss will occur. However, once they have got to their goal weight, there is usually no muscle definition and they look like a smaller version of their old self. Cardio when mixed with caloric restriction leaves the person with no more "cuts" or "shreds" than they had before. Why is this?


The truth is that cardio atrophies muscle. This means deteriorates or shrinks muscle tissue. This means that the weight a person loses is often fat and muscle combined. This is not good due to the fact that muscle mass is hard to get back, and it drives metabolism to burn more fat. Weight training needs to be a priority when losing fat. Calories need to be dialed in through diet, or no weight loss will occur, period.


Cardio can also make dieting hard because it spikes hunger. A one hour cardio session that may burn 250-300 calories can often make the person 1000+ calories hungrier. The desire to indulge in amazing food post cardio can really tax will power and bad eating decisions can be made. When hunger levels are high, it makes it very difficult to stick to the appropriate amount of macro nutrients and calories you are needing to consume in order to make weight loss happen. This is why weight training is also better to control appetite.


Strength training drives proper hormone function in both males and females. In males it drives testosterone and growth hormone levels making the male a fat burning machine. Cardio tends to increases cortisol levels which is a stress hormone that stores fat. This is why if you compare a runners body to a weight lifters, you will notice a big difference in leanness and muscle density.


Strength training combined with proper nutrition is hands down the best way to lose fat. Cardio is not needed what so ever to lose fat. If proper nutrition is structured, you can mobilize fat as long as you need to achieve the proper level of leanness. This is why I am not a fan of cardio when it comes to fat loss.


Attached is my best cardio tips video!

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