• Casey Zander

The "Dreaded Leg Day"

The general population hates training legs. This mentality typically comes from things like low back pain, prior injuries, or sore legs for days on end that never seem to grow anyways. Many people tend to even skip over leg day each week and simply move to a different body part to train. This is fundamentally a disaster because the legs are the core base of stability that carries over to every other exercise. The truth is that legs are typically never hit correctly because the individual lacks proper motor control, mobility, and muscle definition to make any true progress. Weight is often increased when the body is not ready, which sacrifices form and depth with all movements.


When you look at any major multi-joint leg movement such as the squat, deadlift, or lunge, you will notice that joint mobility in the hips, knees, and ankles is crucial to demonstrating good form. Depth is a major key when performing leg exercises. The deeper you can go with a movement increases the amount of muscle fibers being torn down. With more muscles being engaged, strength, muscle mass, motor control, and stability is all developed.

Form comes first. Weight comes second. For many of you, this will mean that using lighter weight or even going back to bodyweight only movements is necessary to truly develop your legs and prevent injury. Take the squat for example. You should be able to sink your hips far past parallel all the way to the bottom of your stance with any given amount of weight. If you are not able to do this with your current working weight, you need to go back and learn proper mechanics.


In order to learn these proper techniques with your leg training, lots of time will be required. No amount of progress is overnight. Putting the ego aside, and learning proper technique will not only save you from injury, but also grow new solid leg muscle. This will make the dreaded leg day, no so dreaded anymore.

Attached is my squat depth demonstration video.

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