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STOP Fearing FAT

The food pyramid has lied to you. The fact that people make grains and other processed carbs and sugars as the backbone of their diet each day makes me sad. The food pyramid has taught people to fear fat by putting it at the top, making it the least part of your diet every day.

The truth is that the pyramid should actually be flipped upside down. Fat and protein should be the backbone of your diet with carbs being the MOST LIMITED. The body needs two things to survive. The first is essential fatty acids for hormonal function. The second is essential amino acids for muscle retention and protein synthesis. There is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate. Glucose belongs nowhere in the body.

You see, carbs get converted into glucose (sugar) which brings a hard insulin spike to the body every time blood sugar is elevated. Insulin is a hormone to flush glucose out of the blood. Without it we would die because sugar is TOXIC. Insulin is released to flush the sugar out of the blood stream because the body does not want it present. Despite this being true, government still "recommends" 6-8 servings of whole grains per day. With this comes pre-packaged cereals, granolas, bread, and sugars which is toxic!

These foods are not naturally occurring in nature and do not belong in out diet. Despite this being true, we are told this is healthy. With obesity, cancer, disease, and diabetes at higher levels than ever before, it is clear that our current diet practices are not working. We have a nation that fears the consumption of healthy fat in our diet, yet constantly spikes their glucose levels which are killing them slowly.

True health means healthy hormone levels, a lean body, and healthy body weight. Hormones need to come first. This is the backbone of lymphatic, brain, and nervous system health. We need to disregard current FDA guidelines and realize that these guidelines are set as ways to increase illness for pharmaceutical companies to profit.

Attached is my video link to what healthy actually means.

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