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Stop Relying on Will Power

When a person starts a new diet, or starts a lifestyle change for health, it is typically cold turkey. The person will take their eating habits from before and flip a total 180! This usually always results in 7-10 days of strict eating with real results, followed by a huge binge with unhealthy food because the person will feel mentally feel restricted.

The problem with this "will power approach" consisting of healthy VS unhealthy eating leads to a crash diet. Will power can only be depleted so low, until the person gives in. This is why macro-nutrient moderation and counting is so crucial. When you learn the caloric values of each macro-nutrient for protein, carbs, and fats, fitting in your favorite foods into your diet occasionally is easy to do.


The truth is this. All CALORIES are created equally, but all NUTRIENTS are not. What does this mean for the person? This means that 200 calories worth of carbohydrates from ice cream is in fact THE SAME as 200 calories worth of carbohydrates from a whole food source such as a sweet potato. However, the potato will have fiber and other various vitamins and minerals with it. The complex carb source is in fact much "healthier" than the ice cream, but from a fat loss standpoint, the calories are equal.

A carb has 4 calories per gram. A protein has 4 calories per gram. A fat has 9 calories per gram. These are your macro-nutrients. When you have limits set each day for your daily macro-nutrient intake, you can fit some of your favorite foods into your meals each day. For example, if you set your limits at 150 grams of carbs, 150 grams of protein, and 60 grams of fat per day, these are your macro-nutrient restrictions. It is your choice of foods you want to fill these macro-nutrient numbers with whether that be "unhealthy" or "healthy" food. From a calorie and fat loss standpoint, it is your choice what you want these foods to consist of. From a health standpoint, you will need vitamins and minerals from good nutrient dense, whole food sources.


This is why tracking your macros is the best! You get the calorie freedom to make the foods fit your macros. IIFYM stands for "If It Fits Your Macros" meaning, you get the freedom to choose the foods that you want to fill your plate. This makes it easy to rely less on will power, and to rely more on structure to feel empowered.

Depleting will power will only get you so far. We are all human, and eventually we will cave. This can be eliminated by understanding that everything is okay in moderation.

Below is a video link to my top hacks to make losing fat effortless!

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