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Why Should Your Body Even Change?

Why should your body change? Do you go to the gym for weeks, months, even years and still never see results? This happens to SO many people each and every day. The feeling of constantly spinning your wheels and never seeing true progress is the most discouraging thing in the world. The question that I'm challenging you with is this. Are you giving your body a reason to even change in the first place?

You see, your body does not care if you make progress in the gym, your body just wants to survive. A great physique, added strength, or fat loss is something that is very low on the body's priority list regardless of how bad you want to change.

The key is adaptation through strength. Let me make this clear. IF YOU DO NOT TRACK YOUR OWN STRENGTH PROGRESSION YOU WILL NOT IMPROVE YOUR PHYSIQUE. Plain and simple. The body needs forced stimulus. The body needs forced growth. The key is to document and track everything in a notebook or journal. Every set, rep, exercise, and meal to make sure you are getting adequate nutrients and gaining strength. Visible results on your body takes hard evidence of strength progression in the gym. If you are lifting the same weights for the same sets and reps that you were doing 2 months ago, it is time to start making those adjustments. It will be hard, but you need to gain strength and start using heavier and heavier weights over time to progressively overload the muscle.

When it comes to fat loss, you need caloric restriction. There is no way around that. You need to track your macro nutrients and calories to make sure that you are burning more calories than you are consuming each and every day. There is no such thing as "eating healthy" when it comes to fat loss. A person can gain fat from eating too much chicken and green beans if the calories puts them into a surplus (consuming more than they are burning.) This is why you NEED to document everything.

If you are not giving your body these RESONS to change, it simply will not. The body adapts and needs to constantly be challenged to new heights and measures to see visible results.

Video link explaining long term gym results.

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