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10 Ways to Improve Sleep

Sleep is one of the biggest disorders in all of America. The ability to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling rested is something that not many people can do. With these 10 simple steps, you can feel rested each and every day even when sleep is low that night.

1. Physical activity.

If you want to sleep well at night and feel optimal, physical activity is a must! Burning calories requires energy from the body. This will lead to the body needing more rest. Get tired! Very simple, but most people do not do it.

2. Sauna.

The sauna has multiple benefits such as muscle recovery, boost in growth hormone, increase in core temperature, and most importantly, sleep optimization. Attached on number two is the link to the study done on saunas. The excretion of toxins held in the skin will make the body function better long term.

3. Sunlight.

Sun exposure has amazing vitamin D benefits as the skin absorbs. Sun helps regulate the production of your hormones as well as melatonin. For people who live in colder climates and do not have regular sun exposure, vitamin D-3 is necessary to supplement to get some of the benefits of sunlight.

4. Naps.

15-20 minute power naps can help reset the nervous system to keep going throughout the day when sleep is low.

5. Low body fat.

When people are lean and below 12 percent body fat, sleep is optimized. You will recover faster, you will sleep deeper, and your body will function smoother. The key to a low body fat is diet. To have visible ab definition or a lean physique, the diet needs to be dialed in. Calorie restriction is necessary to get a leaner frame. The body burns the most amount of fat when in a deep sleep.

6. Fight blue light screen time.

Minimizing exposure to screen time before bed can help tremendously with sleep. Blue lights from cell phone, computers, or televisions stress the body and wakes us up. The body is in sync with the sun. When the sun goes down, a human body has the natural response to shut down. Having excess light at home will make it hard for the body to shut down. Anti blue light glasses are a great option for later in the night when restricting screen time! Attached is a link to these glasses.

7. Hydration.

Staying well hydrated makes all the cells in your body function better. The body is made up of 50% water. Staying hydrated boosts the immune system and will keep hormones regulated. This will help with sleep.

8. Pitch black.

Pitch black light gives the best type of deep sleep. Black-out shades or eye masks are a necessity to maximize REM sleep. Skin and eyes can absorb energy from light to alert the body to wake up. Invest in your sleep.

9. Airplane mode.

Turn your phone on airplane mode while you sleep. Wifi energy waves can interfere with sleep. The less energy streams around you, the better.

10. Optimal hours.

Fall asleep between 10pm-2am. The body has an internal clock and this is when you recover the most. Falling asleep at the same time everyday is crucial to establish pattern. The body loves consistency and pattern prediction.

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