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Building a BIGGER Bench Press

The bench press is the most "bro lift" in fitness. Men constantly love the challenge of getting stronger on the bench. "How much ya bench?" has became one of the most popular sayings amongst men and isn't going away any time soon! The popular belief is that in order to bench heavier, you must benchpress more frequently. Despite there being some truth to this, there is many more tactics that you can incorporate to building the chest quicker.

The bench press is a chest focused movement. Chest is the primary mover, but you need to strengthen the accessory muscles that go along with the bench press. The assisting muscles for the bench press is the shoulders, and triceps.


I believe that it is crucial to have one barbell movement for power followed by a dumbbell movement for motor control/stability. People often over develop one side of the body due to dominant sides when only focusing on barbells. Dumbbells will help even out muscle imbalances to make each side work individually. I recommend two push days per week. One focusing on strict verticals for shoulders. One designated to horizontals for chest.

In order to have a strong press horizontally (flat benchpress) you must have a strong press vertically (shoulder press.) The standing overhead press is one of the most crucial movements to building your presses due to the fact that by standing, you allow the core and kinetic chain to be taxed heavily. Below is my full overhead press video. The number one movement that you are NOT doing.

Strong delts will equal a strong bench over time. They go hand in hand.


Another great way to improve your bench press is to STOP FLAT BENCHING and switch to incline. This is a huge reason people lack chest development is because the upper pec is weak and neglected. Flat benching will develop the lower pec. By switching to incline, the upper pec and shoulders is taxed much more compared to the flat bench. A weak upper chest will lead to imbalances down the road. You need balance, and the upper chest needs just as much focus as the lower pec. My upper pec focused workout link below.


Tricep lockout is also a major reason that people fail on growing the bench press. Despite the chest being able to handle the weight, the triceps are often not strong enough to finish the rep and lock out the weight. The three things you will need to focus on is...

1. Wighted DIPS- This is a crucial exercise because the overload on the low pec and triceps is amazing. Perfect for developing lockout and overall power.

2. CLOSE grip bench press- This exercise will take the majority of the emphasis off the chest when bench pressing and place it on your triceps. Forcing power to the lockout and strength development to the triceps will aid in the benchpress over time.

3. Accessory work- The shoulders and triceps will always need accessory work to stay healthy. Movements like tricep extensions, side delt lateral raises, upright rows, rear delt movements, and compound presses will keep you mobile and healthy with fluid joints.



By following these steps, your bench press will skyrocket with time, patience, consistency, and work ethic.

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