• Casey Zander

The Optimistic Mindset

For most people, their fitness journey is over before it ever begins. The "glass half empty" mindset is always the very first thought when the going gets tough. Why?

The excuses people make in order to not put health as a major priority in life is amazing. Insecurities of who is watching, what others will think, and who you compare yourself to will rob you of the future success to come.


Everyone has 24 hours in a day. Your workouts should consume no more than 6 hours per week of your total time. This is such a micro amount of time in order to reshape your whole life and your body. This is a about the binary mindset of winning or losing in life. Everybody is looking for excuses. The excuses such as work life balance, family time, school, or being tired does not matter, and here is why. You either get it done that day, or you didn't. You are in the "Yes this will work" category or the "No this won't work because..."

Too many people are stuck right in the middle. The middle of the idea and the execution. Always wanting and always planning but never executing.


It is great to want an amazing healthy body. It is great to have the desire to eat healthy and have plans to improve. The problem is in the execution. If you are never executing, you are going to have some major problems getting to your goal. It is not about enjoying the process or staying motivated. It's about being dedicated and accepting that it will take time. The power to deploy patience is absolutely crucial as you tackle these obstacles.


Why I hate working out video above.

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