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How to Lose the Fat... and KEEP IT OFF

In order to reach your fitness goals and fat loss goals, you need to have a positive mindset during the whole process. Often times, people have no problem losing fat/losing weight. They look for a "quick fix" method of maybe a week, 14 days, or even a month and restrict calories to get the weight off. Some people go to intermittent fasting, others go on restrictive "cleanse or detox diets," (whatever that means) and some people do it the proper way by tracking their nutrition and sticking to the the slight deficit each day in order to burn body fat.


The issue for most is not reaching the goal of weight loss, but keeping the weight off long term after they have reached their goal. The key that people are missing in this category is MINDSET! The fact that they have an end goal or destination with their fitness in the first place is what makes it challenging to keep the weight off. In their head when they hit that goal number on the scale, they are DONE mentally. They check out and instantly revert back to old habits.

Fitness is very simple. "You either use it or lose it." Fitness can not be held onto without constant work. The body does not want to perform and stay fit, the body just wants to survive. Fat will stay off of the person if 3 things happen.

The first is their diet. The diet needs to be on point. The macro-nutrient intake needs to be right at the persons maintenance calories (burning the same amount of calories that you are consuming) or slightly below maintenance to create a deficit to lose more.

The second is their exercise routine. Strength training is crucial in order to keep lean body mass and consistently get stronger. This speeds up the metabolism and helps burn fat.

The third is their CONSISTENCY. This comes down to mindset. The person needs to be diligent when it comes to tracking gym progress, tracking scale weight, and tracking their macros to stay fit for life.

Here is my list with "hidden trap" foods to stay away from. These foods and drinks are typically very calorie dense, but provide little to no filling. By eliminating these, it will make it much easier to stay within your calorie and macro-nutrient limit.

1. Soda

2. Juice

3. Sports Drinks

4. Alcohol

5. Mayo

6. Ranch

7. Sour Cream

8. Gravy

9. Italian Dressing

10. Sugary/ Creamy Coffee

11. BBQ Sauce

12. Butter/Oils

By eliminating these sugar based beverages and fat laden sauces, this will help make it easier to stay within your calorie limit.


My VIDEO on INTERMITTENT FASTING. A great life long approach to staying lean.

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