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MEN- The Key Physique Builder (PT.3)

When it comes to men and weight training, the topics can get very confusing with training principles. The debate of exercise selection, set and rep schemes, training volume, and split routines make it hard to understand the correct way to train. The look that many fitness models have is something that men constantly chase, but very few achieve. Let me clear up some of the confusion.


Men are constantly mislead with false guidelines more and more each day in the fitness industry. The mindset is focused on pump work, accessory isolation exercises, and cardio to get lean. Men shy away from heavy weight, low rep strength training with thoughts that high rep pump work will leave them with better muscle size and definition.

A muscle will grow only if there is enough added tension on it each session to progress. The micro-loading of added weight each week to key fundamental exercises each week is called progressive overload training. This is the KEY to long term progression and never hitting plateaus. With all of these heavy compound exercises, you need to be training heavy in the 3-6 rep range to maximize muscle growth and size.


A key fundamental exercise when it comes to building your physique is the barbell back squat. This movement builds the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and core. The king of all leg exercises. Take a look!

This is a crucial lower body exercise that will need to be a staple in your routine each week for strength and appearance to your physique.


When you combine exercises such as the squat with other powerful lower body strength exercises, over time you get amazing legs and a powerful core. These movements develop the body for your physique as well as your strength. Movements like this will speed up fat loss, increase metabolism, and grow new muscle tissue! This is key to a great masculine physique.

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