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LADIES -The KEY Booty Builder

Ladies, do you ever see fitness models with amazing curves and a physique that stands out and wonder how they do it? The hour glass figure, the curves, the thickness in the butt, and the toned legs. This is the look that 99% of females would love, but fail to understand how to achieve it. Let me clear up some of the confusion.


Women are constantly mislead more and more each day in the fitness industry. The mindset is endless amounts of cardio, calorie restricted diets that leave you hungry, and a process that is repeated times after time with no results. Women shy away from weight training with fear of becoming big and bulky. The TRUTH is that the only way to get the fit toned look that all girls want is through heavy strength training.

A muscle can not possibly "tone" it can only grow or shrink. The way to achieve a "toned body" is to grow the muscle, but remove the fat through diet. This is why strength training is an absolute necessity. The added stimulus of weight training each week is the only way to grow the curves and change your body.


A key movement below is the weighted barbell hip thrust. Take a look!

This is one of the most crucial glute builder exercises because it is such a powerful movement for the lower body. This will increase size and strength of your glutes, and strengthen your core all at the same time.


When you combine exercises such as the hip thrust with other powerful lower body strength exercises, over time you get a well developed lower half. These movements develop the body for your physique as well as your strength. Movements like this will speed up fat loss, increase metabolism, and grow new muscle tissue! This is key to a great feminine physique.

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