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The 5 hour feeding window

Fasting. When people think of fasting the first thing that comes to mind is "starving yourself" and this is why it gets a bad reputation. The TRUTH is that fasting is very good for the human body, and people are designed to function best in a fasted state. Breakfast in general is a very modern concept that was only adopted by modern people this past century. If you think back to human ancestral times, people did not know when their next meal was arriving, and breakfast was not a thing. Breakfast literally means to "break your fast" and breaking it every morning is not something that the body is used to.

The benefits to being in a fasted state through the day is very high. Fat is mobilized throughout the day, and the body is able to tap into fat stores for energy instead of glucose from the food consumed during breakfast. On top of that, hormonal function is increased, testosterone and growth hormone elevate, insulin is reduced drastically, and mental clarity is increased. With growth hormone and testosterone elevated during a fast, you will actually have a easier time gaining size and strength with training compared to calories in your body. With fat being mobilized for fuel, and muscle strength increasing from training, this is a win win situation.

With breakfast playing a role in modern day "health" cancer, obesity, and disease is still on the rise each day. The truth is that by eating less and saving those calories for later in the day, the body functions better by ten fold. Fasting needs to be a part of everyday life and breakfast needs to be eliminated.

The 5 hour feeding window is exactly what is sounds like. If a person has their first meal around lunch time at 1 PM, they would have their last meal of dinner around 6 PM, with any snacks and added calories in between. The key is to consume all of your calories in a short amount of time. This will control insulin spikes throughout the day and lower blood glucose levels when in a fasted state.

a 19 hour fast with sleep included is very easy. If you have your last dinner meal at 6 PM, and skip breakfast the next day you can easily push that first meal all the way to lunch time. Some zero calorie caffeine can curve appetite through the morning such as black coffee or unsweetened tea. This will block morning hunger and have you functioning highly efficiently through the morning.

The key is to make sure you get FULL during those 5 hours to block cravings before bed. The biggest mistake is not getting full enough during your feeding time. Give this a try and watch your gym performance and fat loss improve.

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