• Casey Zander

Are you doing YOUR workouts correctly?

When is the last time you have made progress. I'm talking like REAL progress that you can actually measure and see that you got better. Apply it to anything. Running a faster mile time, a faster 40 yard dash time, heavier bench press, squat PR, or say a faster 50m freestyle time when swimming. These are all measurable fitness activities.

Here is what I am getting at. Lets say your goal is to improve your body. Fast forward and 6 months go by and you are still lifting the same weight, for the same reps, at the same movements. You are NOT making any progress at all! The body needs a reason to be pushed, with measurable tracked evidence of improvement and reason to grow or nothing will change. Your body doesn't want to change and develop. Your body doesn't want to go through the pain of sore muscles and fatigue. Your body just wants to survive. This is all that it cares about. You need to be reaching towards that next level.

My favorite saying is "what gets measured gets managed" and this is the complete truth. If you are not managing your goals, your progress, and your success, you are not going to be improving your body anytime soon. You need measurable improvement. Week by week, you need to see strength increase to gain muscle, or scale weight down, to lose fat. This is so important.

Humans get so stuck in their comfort zone. Humans get lazy and rarely push to new limits or past the point of discomfort. The smartest thing you can buy to improve your health is not supplements, or pills, or "detox teas" (whatever that means.) It's a 99 cent composition notebook to record your progress. To monitor your success and make gains. This is crucial to success. If you are lifting the same weights you were months ago, it is time to re-evaluate.

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