• Casey Zander


Here is my 100% honest truth and opinion on supplements. Are they worth it for the amount of money you pay? NO. Will they make or break your physique or progress? NO! Absolutely not. You can not buy results. Period. Nothing can beat hard work, with smart tracked progressive overload training as well as proper nutrition. I see people constantly skimp on groceries each week to save money (horrible idea because food is key to gains by the way) but they have no problem spending $300/ month on their “creatine and mass gainers.” Not to mentions, $100 dollar bar tabs for booze each week. Then people are left questioning why their supplements aren’t working. You can get all of your protein through food, your pre-workout through coffee, and your mass gainers through a calorie surplus with a well balanced diet monitoring your surplus each day.

You can not buy your physique. If you have extra cash laying around and absolutely need a pre-workout to get going, or a whey protein to get extra food in, by all means go for it. However if you do not track your progression in the gym, know your macro nutrient food intake, and are not a consistent lifter, there is way more you can improve on for free before you spend your money. The supplement industry takes advantage in the lack of knowledge of people.

Mass gainers won’t make you big. And ladies slim/skinny shakes won’t blast fat away. Do not be fooled by the industry!

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