• Casey Zander

How Much Ya Bench?

The bench press has been a staple lift in any male weightlifters routine for decades. When someone is around a person with noticeable muscle development, the first thing they typically say is "Hey, how much do you bench?" This is a phrase that men love because it turns into a contest between one another.

The bench press is a one of those exercise that will never go away, but is it an absolute necessity in a persons lifting routine? The answer is no! When a person has a chest day or a typical push/press day, almost every time they start out with the flat barbell bench press. Flat benching has gained so much popularity that people feel it is the holy grail of all chest development exercises. I'm here to tell you that if you are lifting for cosmetic purposes, the bench press does a lousy job at developing great muscle proportions. The reason for this is that the flat bench develops the LOWER PEC.

Low pec development over time will lead to a droopy low developed chest, almost resembling breasts. If you are a male, lifting weights for cosmetic purposes you do not want a low developed chest. You want a chest that is squared off and carries high. This is why the incline bench press is the perfect exercise because it focuses on upper chest development.

To make a long story short, having a good bench press means nothing more than being good at the bench press. If strength at that exercise is important to you and you want to feel like you have a strong, high power bench than by all means go for it. If you lift for cosmetic purposes and want to build the best body visually, you may want to re-evaluate. Different strokes for different folks.

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