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What to do if YOU are NOT making PROGRESS?

Getting on a workout or healthy eating streak is a hard thing to do, yet very beneficial to all aspects of health and wellbeing. Progress typically shows week after week for many individuals and then all of a sudden, BOOM! No progress. No more weight loss. No more strength gain. They feel stuck, and lost in the process. Willpower gets depleted and the feeling of spinning the wheels without progress gets people thinking about giving up. NEVER GIVE UP! The key is to RE-EVALUATE everything.

1. Analyze consistency. Track your workouts. See if workouts were missed, or skipped. Some of the exercises may not have been documented, or you may have forgot to add stimulus to the body by more weight or more reps to force change. The body needs constant stimulus on the muscle in order to change. If that stimulus is not there, there is no reason for the body to adapt. Keep things progressing. Document progress and push to new limits.

2. Track your nutrition. Was all of your protein, carbs, and fats accounted for? Did you estimate, or eyeball your food instead of track everything for better detail? This is crucial. If your goal is weight loss, and you are not forcing a calorie deficit each day through food restriction, no fat loss will occur. Period. Same goes for new muscle growth. If you do not feed the body the adequate amount of nutrients, new muscle tissue CAN NOT be created. Track your nutrition at all times.

3. Decrease in intensity? Have you been slacking? Is the same push that you started with, constantly there each and every workout? You need to bring strength, power, and intensity with every workout. This brings up the previous point of adaptation. If there is not a constant challenge or stimulus on the body, there is no reason for the body to change. It all adds up.

4. Stopped chasing strength? In the beginning, you were making gains left and right. Strength was always going up, and then all of a sudden you hit a plateau. This is cause for concern for many people but the reality is that you need to improve your set and rep schemes. You need to go into the gym with certain strength goals that you are looking to hit for every set and rep of every exercise. If there is no plan, the new stimulus through STRENGTH will not be there. Track your workouts.

5. Have you mentally "checked out?" If you are just going through the motions I can 100% guarantee that you will not make any progress whatsoever. That stimulus needs to constantly be on the central nervous system, as well as the muscular system to force change. Get your head right.

Analyze ALL 5 of these steps. If you can get all of these back on track, progress will always follow.

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