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How to get 6 pack abs

One of the most sought after things that people want when in comes to their physique, is 6-pack abs. It shows discipline, knowledge, strength, and self control. A high level of fitness, when it comes to the cosmetic aspect. My top tips in building a great midsection.

1. GET STRONG. We need a strong stable body in order to develop great abs. Most fitness programs never focus on increasing strength, with certain goal targets to hit every workout. This is key! You need a strong body on all of your main compound exercises. Lifts like the squat, or the deadlift takes an insane amount of core strength and stability to support the spine on all of these movements. The stronger you get the body as a whole, the more developed the abdominals will become.

2. Prioritize strength from your main compound exercises over direct ab work. In order to see visible abs, you need to burn the fat off of your midsection. You will burn more calories and more fat by chasing strength on those key lifts, compared to just doing direct ab work. The metabolic burn will continue to climb much higher by you focusing on big movements that tax the whole body, not just the midsection.

3. Get your diet in check. In order to lose fat you need to be in a calorie deficit. This means that you are burning more calories than you are taking in. This is the ONLY WAY to lose fat. It takes a number of weeks of dieting due to the fact that your body will not just pull fat off the midsection, it will pull fat everywhere. Places you may not realizes like your hands, face, back, and neck. At times, the midsection may be the last place that you lose it. This varies person to person.

4. Only use cardio as a tool. Cardio should only be used to get you into a deeper calories deficit (burn more calories that day) on top of your restricted diet. You want to preserve as much muscle mass as possible when dieting. Muscle mass increases metabolism. Cardio should be done post workout to keep the emphasis of your energy on weight lifting.

5. Direct ab work. Notice how I put this last? Yes, you still need to train your abs. Train them heavy just like your squats or benchpresses. Weighted leg raisers, weighted cable crunchers, weighted sit ups, ect... By training your abs heavy, you will develop ab thickness. This is a great thing because there is times when you can hold a HIGHER body fat, and still have visible abs. However, you need to have steps 1-4 done first in order first before you give attention to direct ab work.

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