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Habits are hard to start as well as hard to break. A persons mental state of mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. People get attached, and they start to ignore the fact that they may be leading a destructive habit over time.

Here is my personal opinion on how to break bad habits. There is multiple steps that I have used in the past that are very effective!


1. Take a step back. Take a moment and analyze the situation. Realize what made you want to break the habit in the first place.

2. Tell yourself you are stronger mentally than you think you are. This is key. By telling yourself that you are tough, you will get through it because you do not want to let yourself fail.

3. Practice having strong will power. This goes hand in hand with the above tip. Will power will get you so far, strong will power goes hand-in-hand with a strong mental game. This is key to breaking your bad habit.

4. Think of all the positive benefits your life will receive once you start replacing your bad habit with a good one. Better health? Better relationships? Stronger? Mentally more healthy? The possibilities are endless.

5. Quit cold turkey if you can. Take soda for example. If you allow yourself to still have it once in a while, it will keep you on that hook. Craving it. Desiring it. Get it out of your vision and exercise willpower that you do not want unhealthy products in your body.

6. Realize it takes time. Habits were not formed in one day. Habits will not be broken in a day. It takes time to start a new cycle.


By using the six steps above, you will find yourself having more balance and feeling healthier and better about yourself. You will fell like you have more control of your life and can pick and choose when you want to develop a habit or break one at any time.

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