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5 ways to speed up a SLOW METABOLISM

How well a person burns fat from day to day is completely dependent on that individuals metabolism. Some are blessed and can eat whatever they wish and not gain a pound. Others, not so much. For the general population, the best way to speed up a slow metabolism is through diet and exercise. Exercise gets the engine burning hotter! Here are some amazing tips to speed up your metabolism and start burning fat!


1. Avoid LOW CALORIE DAYS (at least for a little while)

-In order to lose fat you need to be in a calorie deficit (burning more calories than you are consuming.) However, going very low in calories with deficit levels above 800 calories+ per day can result in a slower metabolism. A persons maintenance calories is typically bodyweight multiplied by 14-15. Anything below this number will usually put you in a deficit. Deficit is key, just not too much.

2. Do not stay in the "diet phase" forever.

- So many people are always in the "lose fat/get smaller phase." This is a sure way to slow the metabolism over time. You can not diet forever! Over time the body will fight to keep every once of fat left on the body, because it knows it is not being fed very many calories. The body is smarter than you are when it comes to this. You need a time of maintenance calories or a slight surplus to re-start fat loss and metabolic change.

3. Be aware when you are eating!

- Too many people are not present when they eat. They eat on the go, or they pay no attention to the calories or macros as they are eating. This is not good. Putting on TOO much fat over time can also slow metabolism, excess fat increases cortisol and other fat storing hormones which will make it harder to lose weight in the long run.

4. You do NOT always have to have the low-carb mentality.

- Some studies have shown that low carbohydrate levels over time can ALSO increase cortisol (king of all fat storing hormones.) You need macronutrient balance to have balanced hormone levels.

5. Hormones play just as big of a roll in fat loss as calories do.

- Meal timing as well as fasting/feeding window times can change hormone production. For example, growth hormone elevates over 200 percent once the body enters 18-20 hours fasted with no food. This alone can speed up fat loss due to increased hormone production. You need to find ways to minimize cortisol and maximize leptin and growth hormone naturally.


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