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The 10 steps to building the best body POSSIBLE.

These are the biggest factors that go into building the body of your dreams.


1. Prioritize getting STRONG at main compound multi-joint movements. This includes anything with a barbell (or dumbbells) that involves multiple muscles. Examples would be the squat, bench press, incline bench press, deadlift, dips-with progression to weighted, and pull ups- with progression to weighted.

2. Track ALL of your LIFTS! This is crucial. The easiest way to know for sure that you are growing new muscle tissue and developing your physique is to make sure you are gaining strength. Strength is a bi-product of muscle. You NEED to get strong. You need to bust through plateaus, and be patient with your progress. If you are lifting the same weights that you were 6 months ago, you need to re-evaluate.

3. Learn proper nutrition. This is also crucial. EVERYONE needs to learn proper macro nutrient breakdown of protein, carbs, and fats. This will speed up your progress in the gym ten fold. If you know your calories to be in a surplus to gain muscle, and the deficit calories that you need to lose fat you are miles ahead of the game.

4. STOP spending SO MUCH TIME and MONEY on supplements. You do not need them. They will not make or break your progress or physique. Nothing beats proper nutrition and training.

5. Be consistent. If you regularly miss sessions, even a couple per month this will hinder your progress in the long run. ALWAYS LIFT. If you don't use it, you lose it. The body does not want to change it just wants to survive. If there is no stimulus on it day by day it will not change.

6. REST. Take at least one rest day per week. Recovery is crucial. There is a complete difference between missing a workout, and taking a scheduled rest day. Remember that.

7. Master the basics. You need to learn good form. It is never a good idea to add weight and strength to sloppy form. If you can not hit depth on squats, or keep your butt glued to the bench, or keep a flat back on deadlifts, lighten the weight.

8. Stop drinking or smoking. Alcohol kills gains. If you drink you will be weak. Accept that.

9. Learn patience. This is a year by year journey, not a short temporary fix.

10. Enjoy the process. If you do not enjoy it you will not stick with it.

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