• Casey Zander

How to fall in love with fitness

People who exercise regularly are shown through numerous studies to live longer, become more successful, make more money throughout their lives, stay mobile into the later years, and have a better quality of life all around. This is 100% true. Fit people do better, with better mental focus and clarity while tending to be more goal oriented. Despite all of these benefits, obesity is on the rise and people are having more trouble than ever staying fit, despite all of the new fitness help, knowledge, and technology.


The problem with fitness is that people are more focused on the end result instead of the journey throughout the process. Fitness needs to be about constant self improvement. The hour or so a day where you get to escape, work on you, your body, and your own personal goals needed for self fulfillment. The key is to find a form of activity that you enjoy, look forwards to doing, and have a goal at improving on. It could be physique, strength, cardio, sports, or hiking. No matter what activity it is you need to love it or you will not stick with it.


Try new activities each week, see what you like. The longer you stick with fitness the longer you will crave it. The sweat, the focus, the goals, and the improvement will carry into so many other areas in life all from being active. This is how I personally fell in love with lifting. It was not only for the physical benefits, but the mental aspect that opened up new roads in life.

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