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This is one of my favorite books written by Eckhart Tolle. The benefit is the being in the moment NOW! The motto I go by is the goal is to "win each day." If you do not win each day it becomes impossible to win the year and make advancements in your physique of fitness goals. Eckhart is describing in his novel to always be so present in the moment. A person only has right now. Looking into the future in never guaranteed and unaccounted variables will come up left and right throughout life day by day that you can not change! Learn to break that mindset of only being happy with yourself and your body once you reach an endpoint or goal.


People need to realize that "it's the journey not the destination" that counts. If you are not loving and enjoying the process of self-improvement as the journey goes along, than what are you living for? Being happy with your CURRENT body and self is where you will truly shine.

By winning each day and only focusing on what you can control now, will relieve anxiety, and stress on not being happy with long term goals that you have. This is crucial.


When you go into the gym today, kill each exercise, each set, and each rep, because that is all you have. You have now, you have today. Win the micro-setting and that will translate into winning the macro-setting.

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