• Casey Zander

Rome wasn't built in a day!

To build an amazing body the 100% most crucial part is to have patience. Rome was not built in a day, same goes for your body. The progression that you make in the gym is not a day to day thing. It is not a week to week thing, or a month to month thing. It is a YEAR to YEAR process. You need to set building blocks with progression of months of training at a time.


The dream body or physique that someone wants is more or less a rinse and repeat process of cycling the same lifts over and over while slowly getting stronger/better/more efficient at them. The key is to not be so focused on how you will look in the short term.


A plateau in strength or body composition can always be overcome and mastered by a long term approach. Track your progression. Every single exercise, set, rep, and rest period to know how efficient your body is becoming at moving the weight. You do not need muscle confusion, or the constant need to switch up your workouts. You need to get strong. Period. The sooner that you become okay with the fact that it takes time to achieve that process the better you will feel in the gym, with less pressure on yourself.


Be consistent. Track EVERYTHING. Never give up. Take your blocks of training and look back to see your progression month to month or year to year. Not day by day or week by week.

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