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Once you start drinking, STOP eating- Alcohol Hack

If you have a night out with friends and you know for sure that there will be drinks, there is so many different ways to have a great time without putting on excess fat. The major key to remember is that alcohol calories burn FIRST in the body due to the fact that it is treated as a poison, and food calories are either burned second or stored as FAT!


If you are intoxicated and start to eat afterwards, there is a very high chance that you will be put into a calorie surplus and store most of that food as fat. Alcohol (pure alcohol) can not be stored as fat, it is physically impossible. Pure alcohol includes hard liquor. Any alcohol beverage that contains sugar or carbs such as wine, beer, margaritas, or soda mixers can be stored as fat because now the body has two different calorie sources it is worrying about. The first that will be burned is the pure alcohol in those drinks that make up the alcohol. The second source of calories that the body will have to worry about if the carbs and sugar. This will either get stored as fat or burned later.


The best plan is to drink on an empty stomach around 6+hours fasted. Stick to drinks that only contain calories from alcohol. This will include all ZERO CALORIE mixers such as water, diet soda, or sparkling water.

Once you have started to drink, do not eat. Chances are, you are still intoxicated, and the alcohol is not completely burned out of the blood stream yet. Therefor, any excess food you will be intaking will be converted to fat or burned later depending on how hefty the caloric surplus is.

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