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Fasting is the KEY to FAT LOSS

Fasting for short periods of time (14-18 hours) has amazing benefits to staying lean and makes fat loss a breeze. The most common misconception about fasting is that the body will tap into lean muscle mass as the main source of fuel. Let me explain why that is false.


When the body enters into a fasted state around 12+ hours, liver glycogen is completely depleted. There is no longer calories or glycogen left in the bloodstream and the body needs a new source of fuel. The answer is FAT.

Fat is long term energy storage designed as backup fuel when no energy is present. The main reason why muscle is preserved during this time is because of hormone change in the body!


When a person enters many hours into a fasted state, growth hormone and testosterone is increased by up to 300%! This is amazing because strength and lean muscle will be kept, while fat is being used as fuel.

The other benefit is that insulin (king of all fat STORING hormones) drops drastically. Carbs spike insulin levels because of elevated blood glucose (sugar) levels in the body. Insulin stores fat, and by having a lack of carbs and calories in the body, insulin is forced to go down.


The final benefit is the caloric rollover into the next day. If you have a cheat day or go into a calorie surplus by over eating, fasting will help offset this. The calorie rollover into the next day will help offset any fat you may have gained! If there is a large amount of stored calories from the day before, a long fast will help utilize those excess calories and keep you lean.

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