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Holiday game plan to diet.

If you are planning for a big holiday dinner, and are worried about storing excess fat that day this game plan will help.

Lets say for example, your Christmas dinner is at 6pm on the 25th of December. You will do a series of steps to eating with no restrictions.

1. Dec 24th stop eating and drinking everything except water at 6pm.

2. Get to bed at a decent time where you can sleep for 8+ hours. This is crucial to fasting.

3. Skip breakfast and blunt your appetite with caffeine (zero calorie). Things you will need is black coffee, unsweetened tea, sparkling water, or diet soda.

4. With lunch time approaching, make your first meal small. I recommend a piece of fruit around 100 calories such as a apple or a banana. This is just enough sugar to replenish liver glycogen but not enough to break your fast.

5. Continue with caffeine. This will hold you until dinner.

6. Dinner time! Indulge on whatever you want this meal. You fasted for 24 hours without any calories. You have lots of room to work with for calories. The benefit is that you will get fuller faster because you have went so long without food. The chances of you storing fat after indulging this meal is slim to none.

Enjoy your Holiday.

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