• Casey Zander

Insulin- Friend or Foe?

Insulin- It is the most anabolic hormone in the human body. It is the signal for growth of all tissue. Whether that tissue is fat or muscle, it does not matter. If insulin is present, cells will grow. This can pose trouble for people who are insulin sensitive regardless if they are in a calorie deficit or not! Especially if their goal is fat loss.


Insulin is secreted by the pancreas and is only released when carbs (sugar) is present in the blood stream. If a persons goal is to bulk up and gain strength, insulin and carbs are your best friend. You will be full of muscle glycogen and you will be able to recover faster. This will help an extreme amount for people who are ectomorphs (skinny) hard gainer type.


However, if you carry more fat by default and are looking to slim down, you may want to restrict carbs in general to keep insulin low due to the fact that insulin grows fat cells. This is why people often can't lose fat despite being in a calorie deficit, is because their carbs are too high. Sugar and glucose is also the only substance that cancer cells can feast on. This is why I am also a fan of a lower carb diet. It keeps fat at a minimum and it makes your chance of cancer lower.


Think of a teenage boy going through puberty. If he packs on 20 pounds of muscle in a summer, it is not do to the fact that he ate perfect and exercised correctly every day. It is because of HORMONE change.

Hormones control weight loss just like calories do. You need to monitor both. Every person is different so you need to figure out what works best for you.

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