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Getting your summer beach body starts NOW

You can not wait until the spring time to get in shape if your goal is to be lean, fit, and healthy this summer. There is just not enough time. Winter is the most perfect time to make REAL progress when no one is watching. When the layers are on this winter, the real progress will show when the layers come off in the summer.


This is a two step process. Winter is step one, the time when you gain strength week after week and put on quality muscle mass regardless if you are male or female. Winter is typically known as bulking season when the calories are higher and weight is put on. Eating in a calorie surplus is completely okay as long as you are lifting in a progressive overload strength format week after week. This is key to not gaining too much fat during the winter months.


Step number two is the shred for spring time. This is when you try your absolute hardest to continue to lift progressive overload and gain strength, but it is much harder as calories are lower. The only way to lose fat for summertime is to restrict calories and put your body into a caloric deficit (300-500 calorie deficit/day.) Restricting calories too much will result in muscle loss which will affect your look and strength. Lifting heavy while you are on a cut is the only way to maintain fullness.


Without the winter bulk you will not have that "wow" appearance come summertime after your cut. If you are serious about looking your absolute best summer 2018, this starts now.

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