• Casey Zander

My advise on tracking calories over Christmas time.

Don't. Do not even try because it is way to hard to estimate any caloric value that you consume. With desserts, pies, creams, cookies, pasta dishes, and casseroles there is no way you will know what you are intaking. This is completely okay! Enjoy the holidays, enjoy good food, and time with family. Life is all about moderation and enjoying the things that come along with it. Do not deprive yourself of great times.


The key is to not let this mindset of relaxation carry over into the new year. There is a time to let loose and there is a time to stay disciplined. Winter is also the time to bulk and make progress for both males and females. It is a time for growth and development with heavy lifting. If you are allowing you body to go into a calorie surplus, training needs to be on point. Heavy lifting is a must.


Enjoy your holiday season!

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