• Casey Zander

Eating too little can make you store MORE FAT!

Yes it is true. When you restrict calories too much your body will start to eat away at your well deserved muscle tissue, while leaving your fat behind. This is sad but true because the body is smarter than you think it is.


Fat is stored for the long haul. In times of food shortage it is a design of survival. Fat is long term energy fuel that is only used as energy when absolutely necessary. This means that you can not eat to little or you will slow your metabolism by eating muscle tissue which will make it ever HARDER to lose weight.


The key is balanced macros that put you into only a slight calorie deficit (200-500 calories max.) This slight deficit will make your body hold onto lead body tissue while pulling from fat stores just slightly, making you lose about 1 lb of fat per week!


It's a marathon not a sprint.

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